2015 Gmmfs 대관령국제음악제 Beethoven

2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-j-s-bach-goldberg-variations-bwv-988 [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] J S Bach Goldberg Variations BWV 988 Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-beethoven [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Beethoven - Violin Sonata in A major op 47 “Kreutzer” Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-beethoven-string-trio-in-c-minor-op-9-no-3 [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Beethoven String Trio in c minor op 9 no 3 Play
2014-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-beethoven-piano-trio-in-b-flat-major-op-97-archduke [2014 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Beethoven Piano Trio in B-flat Major op 97 "Archduke" Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-laks-cello-sonata [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Laks Cello Sonata Play
2014-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-schulhoff-flute-sonata [2014 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Schulhoff Flute Sonata Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-martinů-duo-no-1-three-madrigals-h313 [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Martinů Duo No 1 “Three Madrigals” H313 Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-fauré-piano-quartet-in-c-minor-op-15 [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Fauré Piano Quartet in c minor op 15 Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-webern-four-pieces-op-7 [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Webern Four Pieces op 7 Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-schubert-fantasy-in-f-minor-d-940-op-posth-103 [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Schubert Fantasy in f minor D 940 op posth 103 Play
2014-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-brahms-piano-quartet-no-3-in-c-minor-op-60 [2014 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Brahms Piano Quartet No 3 in C minor op 60 Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-saint-saëns-introduction-and-rondo-capriccioso-in-a-minor-op-28 [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Saint-Saëns Introduction and Rondo capriccioso in a minor op 28 Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-special-interview-laon-string-quartet [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Special Interview | Laon String Quartet Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-franck [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Franck - Piano Quintet in F minor M7 Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-barber [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Barber - Cello Sonata op 6 Play
2013-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-js-bach-arias [2013 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] JS Bach Arias Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-stravinsky [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Stravinsky - Suite italienne Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-messiaen [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Messiaen - Quartet for the End of Time Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-제12회-대관령국제음악제-홍보영상 [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] 제12회 대관령국제음악제 홍보영상 Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-rameau-godowsky-from-renaissance [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Rameau/Godowsky from Renaissance Play
2013-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-schumann-piano-quartet-in-e-flat-major-op47 [2013 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Schumann Piano Quartet in E-flat major Op47 Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-fauré-fantasy-for-flute-and-piano-op-79 [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Fauré Fantasy for Flute and Piano op 79 Play
2013-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-beethoven-string-quartet-in-a-major-op18-no5 [2013 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Beethoven String Quartet in A major Op18 no5 Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-mozart-piano-quartet-in-g-minor-k-478 [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Mozart Piano Quartet in g minor K 478 Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-morten-lauridsen-la-rose-complète [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Morten Lauridsen La rose complète Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-thierry-escaich [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Thierry Escaich - Sextet (World Premiere) Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-dvořák [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Dvořák - String Quartet No 13 in G major B 192 op 106 Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-artists-interview-bong-ihn-koh [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Artists Interview | Bong-Ihn Koh Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-boccherini-string-trio-in-d-major-g-98-op-14-no-4 [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Boccherini String Trio in D major G 98 op 14 no 4 Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-chausson-piano-quartet-in-a-major-op-30 [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Chausson Piano Quartet in A major op 30 Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-debussy-premier-trio-in-g-major [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Debussy Premier Trio in G major Play
2014-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-introduction [2014 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Introduction Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-brahms [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Brahms - String Sextet No2 in G major op36 Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-haydn-string-quartet-in-f-major-hobiii-82-op-77-no-2 [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Haydn String Quartet in F major HobIII/82 op 77 no 2 Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-shinuh-lee [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Shinuh Lee - “Landscape” for 2 violins and viola (2015 World Premiere) Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-mozart [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Mozart - String Quintet in C major K515 Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-artists-interview-paul-huang [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Artists Interview | Paul Huang Play
2013-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-jean-paul-penin-piano-duets-from-recuerdos-paris-1930 [2013 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Jean-Paul Penin Piano Duets from Recuerdos Paris 1930 Play
2014-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-홍보영상 [2014 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] 홍보영상 Play
2014-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-chopin-cello-sonata-in-g-minor-op65 [2014 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Chopin Cello Sonata in G minor op65 Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-hummel-septett-militaire-in-c-major-op114 [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Hummel Septett militaire in C major op114 Play
2013-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-fauré-piano-quartet-no1-in-c-minor-op15 [2013 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Fauré Piano Quartet No1 in C minor op15 Play
2013-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-jsbach-suite-for-unaccompanied-cello-no6-in-d-major-bwv-1012 [2013 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] JSBach Suite for Unaccompanied Cello No6 in D major BWV 1012 Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-mendelssohn-piano-trio-no-2-in-c-minor-op-66 [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Mendelssohn Piano Trio No 2 in c minor op 66 Play
2013-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-vivaldi-the-four-seasons [2013 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Vivaldi "The Four Seasons" Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-artists-interview-steven-tenenbom [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Artists Interview | Steven Tenenbom Play
2015-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-passereau-il-est-bel-et-bon [2015 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Passereau Il est bel et bon Play
2014-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-chopin-andante-spianato-and-grande-polonaise-brillante-in-e-flat-major-op-22 [2014 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Chopin Andante spianato and Grande polonaise brillante in E-flat major op 22 Play
2013-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-poulenc-gloria [2013 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Poulenc Gloria Play
2014-gmmfs-대관령국제음악제-falla-dance-no1-from-la-vida-breve [2014 GMMFS 대관령국제음악제] Falla Dance No1 from La vida breve Play
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